Kursèd Thread

Spooky for everyBODY!

I'm Kaiser, a Black, Queer Multidisciplinary artist and owner of Kursèd Thread. I was born and raised in the South Bronx where creative self expression was a normal part of life.

In the last 20+ years I spent time in The Greenwich Village, shopping and going to various music venues or record stores where I found my love of alternative fashion as a kid. I frequented shops like Trash & Vaudevile, Patricia Field, Tokyo Rebel, Gothic Renaissance, to name a few.

But what was missing in alternative Brands I looked up to? The Black creatives who were the building blocks of the music, art and fashion prevalent in the alternative community. I, and many others aim to change this.

I started posting images of my outfits as early as livejournal, through tumblr days, instagram and joining various fashion communities where I could share my love for dressing unique. I became the person I wished to see in any alternative style I loved. Being visible online and bringing visibility to other Black Creatives online was my first step.

My next journey? After a lot of work and planning, I opened Kursèd Thread in 2022. I am immensely passionate about niche subcultures such as goth, punk and various kinds of Japanese street fashion. I want to channel my creative energy and love into creating fashion to stand out, not in. Kurséd Thread strives to create quality pieces, small runs, unique designs and prides itself on creating an inclusive community of ghouls who want to express themselves and create a space for everyBODY.

Thank you for reading my story. I'm incredibly grateful for the support that you have all given this brand so far and hope you all will continue to grow with me!